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Do I Need A Boiler Engineer?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

When things aren't working like the should do, it's so easy to get frustrated and annoyed. Maybe your boiler isn't firing up properly, maybe your heating has gone off.

The question is "do i need an engineer?".

But how do you know when to call an engineer, or can you fix it yourself?

There’s a good reason to run through a few checks yourself before you call an engineer. This will ensure that you get the right help if you discover you do in fact need the help of a professional.

Go through these checks and you may discover that you don’t need to call an engineer after all:

  1. Cold: How cold is it outside? If you've woken up to no hot water, nip outside and look on the external wall behind the boiler. You’ll see a small condensate pipe. When the temperature drops to minus outside then this pipe can freeze, causing the boiler to shut down.

  2. Power: Check your boiler actually has power to it at the main fuse board. If you're lucky, it may be that a fuse has tripped. If not, then it’s time to call an engineer.

  3. Gas: If there’s no gas flowing, it may just be that your emergency control valve is shut. Or perhaps its just a gas flow issue rather than your boiler not working correctly. Ask your neighbour if they are experiencing the same problems. Or just to be sure, give you gas supplier a call.

  4. Radiator valves: Some members of the family may have tampered with the valves on the radiators in an attempt to turn them on. Just have a check of them all to make sure the valve is set to how you want them to be.

  5. Check the controls: Similar to my radiator point, family members may have flicked a few switches on your boiler as they try to be a hero. Take a look at the boiler settings and check that these are correct.

  6. Pressure: A common issue is that a boiler is losing pressure. Take a look at the pressure gauge. You may be able to manually correct the pressure. If the system continues to lose pressure, this could indicate a leak and you should therefore call a boiler engineer.

  7. Press reset: A modern boiler is designed with various safety devices which can be activated, stopping the boiler. Often all that now needs to be done is to press the reset button on the front of the boiler.

Should I Call An Engineer Now?

So you've gone through the checklist above, and still no luck! Then yes, it's time to call an engineer.

It's ridiculously important that you only use a Gas Safe Engineer to fix your boiler. If you want to find out why it is important, just click here.

Luckily for you all of our engineers are Gas Safe registered, so give us a call, we will be sure to help you out.

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