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Why You Should Use A Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

What Is Gas Safe?

Gas Safe Register is the official record of all of the different businesses and individuals in the country who may work on gas appliances in your home.

This is vital. You cannot have any person claiming they can do your work – legally, they must be Gas Safe registered engineers. Fundamentally, this is about protecting you and your home from unsafe work involving domestic gas supplies.

Believe it or not, the Gas Safe Register actually do a hell of a lot more than just registering skilled and qualified engineers, but for you, the homeowner, it’s this part which is most relevant.

Just think, you wouldn’t drive a car without a driving license would you?

Exactly, you shouldn’t touch anything to do with the gas in your home, such as the internal workings of your boiler, without a licence either. That also applies to who you let work on it too.

Again similar to a driving license, you have to take a test to be allowed to drive a car. Gas Safe registered engineers have to pass a test too in order for them to go anywhere near a boiler.

When The Right Training is Essential

The yellow triangle of the Gas Safe Register on an engineer's ID card is a green light that they have been trained up to the industry standard that enables them to work on your boiler (and other gas appliances).

If you want an insight into that training they have been given, just flip the ID over, there should be a list of their qualifications.

This training is essential because any work on a gas appliance, such as a boiler, is very dangerous if done by an unqualified engineer. The general work that you’ll need doing to your boiler or other gas appliance, whether that is servicing it, installing it, or repairing it, will be dangerous if not done by a gas safe engineer.

Not only that, it's illegal too!

If you even need any help with your boiler you should always ensure you call a Gas Safe registered engineer.

You can also take a look at the manual supplied with a gas appliance to see which tasks can be performed by the user themselves.

For example, with a boiler you can follow the manual’s information on how to re-pressurise it, but you can’t do anything which involves the gas combustion process.

Where Do I Find A Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

You don't need to worry as all of our engineers are Gas Safe registered, so you can be at peace of mind when booking an appointment with us.

To arrange a booking please get in touch on 07756556940.

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